Agricultural Lime

Mid Hants prides ourselves in providing the agricultural industry with quality agricultural lime aggregates used to stabilise the pH (reduce acidity) of soils to improve crop growth and therefore yields. Our agricultural lime is available all year round, nationwide and in a range of load sizes.

Agricultural limes vary in their neutralising value / effectiveness due to the nature of the material. The higher the neutralising value the faster the speed of reaction will occur within the soil. Benefits of using agricultural lime are:


  • Helps maintain correct soil pH levels

  • Improves plant nutrient uptake (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium)

  • Enhance soil biology and structure


We supply a range of agricultural lime to suit your needs, these include:


  • Ground and screened Chalk

  • Limestone dust

  • Ground Limestone

  • Sea sand

Please click here to see the Grading sheet. 

To discuss your individual specification and needs please call a member of our sales team on 01256 861016

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