Bedding Sand

Mid Hants pride ourselves in providing the dairy industry with natural primary fine bedding sand for cattle bedding. Our sands are washed and graded and regularly tested to ensure you are receiving a soft, high quality, clean primary material for your cattle cubicle. Our bedding sand is available all year round, we use quarry sand and marine dredged sea sand nationwide and in a range of load sizes. Our aim is to provide consistent sand that your cows will love!

With the cost of straw rising sand is a cost effective alternative that has benefits to your dairy cows and their performance, did you know…

  • Sand is inorganic so does not harbour bacterial growth

  • Provides a soft, safe and secure surface for cows to lie on

  • Keeps cows cool in the summer and warm in the winter

  • It is a cost effective solution to hygiene in cubicle bedding

  • Sand on concrete reduces slippage which ultimately reduces your trauma culling.

To discuss your individual specification and needs please call a member of our sales team on 01256 861016

Our bedding sand being delivered and dispensed... 

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