Bedding Sand


Bedding sand for cattle cubicles

Promotes cattle health, reduces mastitis - BENEFITS


Natural primary fine bedding sand for cattle bedding. Our sands are washed, graded and regularly tested to ensure you are receiving a soft, high quality, clean primary material for your cattle cubicle. 


Caroline Hicks

Internal Agricultural Sales


Exhibitors at industry shows

See us at dairy and agricultural shows


Our team of experts regularly attend notable trade and agricultural shows to showcase the benefits of our product.  


Jim Coley

External Sales Manager


Fawley produced soft sand

Produced and washed at our Fawley quarry


Our bedding sand is available all year round.  We use quarry sand and marine-dredged sea sand, delivering nationally on artics and tippers.  We aim to provide consistent sand your cows will love you for!



Richard Chewter

General Manager