Oolitic Lime

oolitic stone2.JPG

Oolitic limestone bonded by lime mud

A natural product made up of tiny shells 


We have access to oolitic limestone, oolitic scalps and oolitic dust, and we can deliver to you nationally.  It's the most naturally-occurring product to get those pathways looking great.


Richard Chewter

General Manager

cow track pic.jpg

Use oolitic lime, scalps and dust for cattle tracks

Perfect bonding material to reinstate tracks


Oolitic stone compacts down well, and is, therefore, excellent at promoting herd health.  Better footcare means a more comfortable and cost-effective animal.  Call us to order today.


Caroline Hicks

Internal Agricultural Sales

Tractor repair.jpg

Don't let the mud beat you!  Order your oolitic lime now

Useful for livestock paths, and heavy-use gateways


If you're fed up of the mud being dragged around your farm, into buildings and causing issues with livestock's hooves, repair your tracks with oolitic stone. You won't regret it!


Jim Coley

External Sales Manager