Mid Hants run trucks from a network of strategically located quarries throughout the UK, providing a wide range of quality sands, gravels and aggregates for the agricultural market.  


Our customers are primarily in the dairy industry, with one of our best-selling products being bedding sand for cattle cubicles.  Please click here for more information on the benefits of using bedding sand.

We sell oolitic stone which is ideal for repairing and reinstating your cattle tracks and gateways.  Ensuring that you maintain your pathways, will in turn help to promote your herd's foot health and save you costly vet bills and yield.

Adding agricultural lime to your crops will help to maintain the correct soil pH levels, improving plant nutrient uptake and enhancing your soil biology.  To help you do this we deliver agricultural lime to your farms and estates on a national basis. 

If you're an arable farmer we offer extensive facilities for grain, pallet and open storage.  Please click here for further information.



We supply more than just bedding sand - please see below for our product capability. 

If it's not listed, call us anyway as we can often source specialist material:

  • Bedding sand

  • 0-4mm oolitic dust

  • 0-40mm oolitic crusher run

  • 75mm oolitic crusher run

  • Chalk

  • Limestone dust

  • Sea sand

  • Silica sand

  • Equestrian-grade rubber

  • Woodchip

  • Rootzone and topsoils

  • Top-dressing sand

  • 10mm shingle

  • 20mm shingle

  • 30 - 60mm shingle

  • 60mm+ shingle

  • 20 mm ballast

  • Golden Hoggin, ideal for footpaths and driveways