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Our customers are primarily in the dairy industry so one of our best selling products is our bedding sand for cattle cubicles.

Our sands are washed, graded and regularly tested to ensure you are receiving a soft, high quality, clean primary material for your cattle cubicle. 

Our bedding sand is available all year round. We use quarry sand and marine-dredged sea sand and aim to provide consistent sand your cows will love you for. 


other materials

We supply more than just bedding sand....

Oolitic stone - Ideal for repairing and reinstating your cattle tracks and gateways. Ensuring that you maintain your pathways will in turn help your herd's foot health and save you costly vet bills and yield. 

Oolitic Lime - Adding agricultural lime to your crops will help to maintain the correct soil pH levels, improving plant nutrient uptake and enhancing your soil biology. 

cow track pic.jpg
  • Bedding sand

  • 0-4mm oolitic dust

  • 0-40mm oolitic crusher run

  • 75mm oolitic crusher run

  • Chalk

  • Limestone dust

  • Sea sand

  • Silica sand

  • Rootzone and topsoils

  • Top-dressing sand

  • 10mm shingle

  • 20mm shingle

  • 30 - 60mm shingle

  • 60mm+ shingle

  • 20 mm ballast

  • Golden Hoggin

benefits of bedding sand

- Promotes cattle health and reduces mastitis

- Bedding sand increases cattle lying time. This leads to reduced lameness and increases milk yield.

- It is recommended as the best material to use in calving pens due to being both sterile and non-slip.

- Increases bed comfort which helps to reduce livestock leg abrasions and swollen legs/knees. 


find us at dairy shows

Our team of experts regularly attend notable dairy and agricultural shows to show case the benefits of our products. 

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