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Products and Services

From bedding sand to decorative stone, we are able to source and deliver a range of products suitable for any project. 

Delivery is available on artic or 8-wheelers meaning we can deliver to any site. 

Collection is also available directly from our Fawley quarry or from our Head Office in South Warnborough.


We supply more than just bedding sand - please see below for our product capability. 

If it's not listed, call us anyway as we can often source specialist material:

  • Bedding sand

  • 0-4mm oolitic dust

  • 0-40mm oolitic crusher run

  • 75mm oolitic crusher run

  • Chalk

  • Limestone dust

  • Sea sand

  • Silica sand

  • Equestrian-grade rubber

  • Rootzone and divot mixes

  • Top-dressing sand

  • 10mm shingle

  • 20mm shingle

  • 30 - 60mm shingle

  • 60mm+ shingle

  • 20 mm ballast

  • Golden Hoggin, ideal for footpaths and driveways

  • As-Dug Hoggin

  • 40 mm single size limestone

  • Sharp sand

  • Ballast

  • 0-2mm FP mortar sands

  • 40mm, 75mm, 100mm scalps

  • Type 1

  • 6F4 & 6F5

  • Cotswold stone

  • Dorset Flint

  • Golden Flint

  • White Flint

  • Self-binding gravel

  • Rockery stone

  • Gabion stones

  • Road planings

  • 70-30mm spend track ballast

  • 70-30mm screened track ballast

  • BS3882 natural topsoil

  • Composts

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