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Equestrian & Sport

Mid Hants supplies a range of aggregates to the equestrian & sport market to allow for the full construction of ménages, turn-out pens and sports pitches. 

Additionally, we supply rootzones, topdressing sands and divot mixes for the maintenance of polo pitches and racing gallops. Our equestrian aggregates are available all year round, delivered in a range of load sizes, and on a national basis.

If you need to repair your sports pitches, we can deliver large loads of soil and sands - perfect to get your playing fields looking tip-top for the next season.

sports pitch sand

Sports pitches and fairways get a lot of footfall, activity damage and abuse by the elements.  Our range of topsoil and rootzone products can help you keep on top of maintenance & repair.



Our main list of specialist equestrian aggregate products include:

  • 40 mm single size limestone

  • Silica sand

  • Granulated rubber

  • Woodchip

  • Rootzones & divot mixes 

  • Topdressing sands 

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